Our History

Our History

Customer support, determination and industry leadership

The adventure began in 1948

It started with the Savolite Soap Company, a name that borrowed from the French word for soap; ‘savon’ and from; light or ‘lite’ - combined to reflect a commitment to a bright future for the company’s loyal customers. That customer-centric focus was given a significant injection of expertise and energy in 1968 when Savolite was purchased by the Hallat family - suppliers to the soap industry since the late 1800’s. Despite aggressive competition from multi-national chemical giants, by building on that solid synergistic foundation, Savolite grew to become the dominant laundry soap supplier in Western Canada in less than one decade.

The ‘secret’ was simple…

Quality products and outstanding service. By using the purest of ingredients in their formulations and by setting new standards in manufacturing processes they consistently produced products that simply worked better and yet remained cost–effective. To this they added comprehensive customer service and training programs that assisted their customers to maximize their results and profits. This core focus was carried forward and expanded on in 1998 when the company was rebranded as Maxim Chemical and now condensed to M-chem. The name was chosen because the definition of maxim encapsulated their reaffirmation to always interact with their customers, their staff and the global community with; “Concisely expressed principles, rules of conduct, and statements of truth.”

Industry leadership in unique product development.

While interest in ‘green’ products has blossomed over the past few years Savolite began blazing the health and wellness trail over 47 years ago. Just one example of their industry-leading, proactive, philosophy and technical prowess is: while working on a potential new line of disinfectants in 1968 the company’s chemical engineers realized that commonly used, harsh, phenol-based solvents could have a negative impact on those who used them and on the environment they were used in. They concluded that safer and more effective formulations were needed and so management invested in the R&D required to create products that were safer… and more effective. By eliminating phenolic compounds and replacing them with duo-chain quaternary ammonium combinations they were able to produce much safer, EPA approved, water-based disinfectants. As a result of voluntarily offering their customers a ‘better solution’ they were rewarded with a 90% market share. This leading-edge commitment to increased efficacy, to customer health and wellness and to environmental stewardship has continued broadly and is now particularly embodied in M-chem’s outstanding Chemecology line of products.