Mascot Max

Mascot Max

The face of friendly chemical technology

You might be wondering: “So, what’s the deal with the robot?”  


Well, back in 1998 when the company was transitioning from Savolite to Maxim / M-chem, industry focus groups found that many in the public had a lingering negative impression of chemical companies in general. This was likely as a result of the attitudes and practices that some had adopted in previous decades, perhaps most infamously reflected by the tragedy in Bhopal India in 1984 where 500,000 sleeping villagers were exposed to a silent cloud of lethal gas. It’s estimated that ultimately as many as 16,000 died from their exposure.


If you’ve had a chance to read though the other sections of this website you’ll realize that Savolite / Maxim / M-chem was, is, and always will be the absolute antithesis of everything that may have led to that disaster, of everything that some in the public associated with chemical manufacturers.


We felt that a mascot that was both friendly and 'technical looking' might help us deliver a key part of our message, namely… ‘We’re different (boy are we different!) and here’s the reasons why.’ So, Max came to be. Introduced at the ISSA Show in Chicago, Max was well received, an attention-getting conversation starter that added a smile to serious discussions.


Well Max is back. He’s had a few ‘upgrades’… but his raison d'être, his reason for being, remains the same, to help remind everyone that M-chem is truly a different kind of chemical company – friendly, hi-tech, focused on clean, on green and on developing and supplying you with ‘Solutions for your success!’