“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” - Steve Jobs



We’re carbon neutral

2015 marked the first year that our Canadian facilities and headquarters became carbon neutral. We’ve made the commitment to environmental stewardship and taken action on climate change.




100% renewable energy

A key goal of our Green Leadership program is powering our facilities with renewable energy. We strongly believe that eliminating emissions at the source is the best solution to ensure a greener future for our clients and the world.




Water conservation

Fresh water is a precious, finite natural resource vital for our existence on the planet. We recognize the importance of a healthy planet and have taken significant steps to reduce water consumption both in the production and use of our proprietary formulas.




Green Leadership Program

All of M-chem’s sustainability initiatives fall under our Green Leadership Program which is led by our Sustainability Steering Committee. By having a dedicated governing body setting, implementing and monitoring our company's Strategic Sustainability Plan, we ensure that our corporate goals are attained.




Green Chemistry Board

Focused research & development is critical. Our Green Chemistry Advisory Board is tasked with developing better, safer and greener solutions for our customers and also participates on a larger scale to meaningfully contribute to our industry.




Green Cleaning Program

M-chem's Green Cleaning Program was developed along side our Chemecology line of environmentally preferred cleaning solutions. It is part our CleanSafe Training Program and offers a wealth of information and training on best cleaning practices for a safe and green environment.